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Colusa High School has a long-standing tradition of athletic excellence with many league and section championships as exhibited by banners displayed in the gym. Sports are open to students with interest and ability whose parents reside within the Colusa Unififed School District boundaries. Our tradition has been to win with honor.  We desire to win, but only with honor to our athletes, our schools, and our community.  Such tradition is worthy of the best efforts of our athletes and coaches. 
AtHletic Forms

AtHletic Forms



Section Championships
2023, 2022, 2021, 2014, 2013 & 1997
League Championships
2023 - SVL Champions
2021- SVL Champions
2017- SVL Co-Champions
2016-SVL Co-Champions
2014 - Mountain Valley
2013 - Mountain Valley
2008 - Greater Mountain Valley
2007 - Greater Mountain Valley
1998 - Butte View
1997 - Butte View
1954 - Westside
1953 - Westside
1952 - Westside
All-State Players
2023 - Luke Kalfsbeek
2022 - Ethan Lay and Luke Kalfsbeek
2021 - Ethan Lay, Drew Bradbury, and Emanuel Frias
All-Section Players
2022-  Ethan Lay (Section MVP), Luke Kalfsbeek
2021 - Ethan Lay, Drew Bradbury, and Emanuel Frias
2014- Hayden Bailey
2007-2008 - Matt Vedo
All-League Players
2023 - Will McCoy, Sutter Moss, Joel Magallon, Bo Coronado, Seth Kalisuch, Luke Kalfsbeek (MVP)
2022- Ethan Lay (MVP), Luke Kalfsbeek, Emanuel Frias, Nick Price, Justin Lee, Clay Randolph
2021- Drew Bradbury (Co-MVP), Emanuel Frias, Luke Kalfsbeek,
Ethan Lay (Co-MVP), Justin Lee, Nick Price
2020- Drew Bradbury, Keith Chavez, Emanuel Frias, Ethan Lay
2019- Drew Bradbury, Leo Guzman, Christian Lyss, Blake Steidlmayer
2018- Drew Bradbury, Cody Free, Blake Steidlmayer, Raymond Frias
2017- Christian Lyss (MVP), Justin Davies, Lucas Davison, Alec Bailey, Nan Rodriguez
2016- Jared Huff, Carter Cunningham, Lucas Davison, Alec Bailey
2015- Jared Huff, Carter Cunningham, Matt Steidlmayer, John Barron
2014 :  Hayden Bailey (MVP), Matt Steidlmayer, Estevan Frias, Riley deWit, Jared Huff
2013 :  Ross Cervantes, Kyle Cervantes,Lucas Corriea, Estevan Frias, Matt Steidlmayer
2012:  Cyrus Yerxa, Joe Ferrini
2011:  David Goodman, Tyler Martin, Jacob Wright
2010:  Benji Gil, Jeremy Hernandez, Geoff MacPherson, Hayden Meyers
2009:  Benji Gil, Jeremy Hernandez, Hayden Meyers, Brandon Rader, Nico Valencia
2008:  Cody Bailey, Brandon Rader, Nico Valencia, Matt Vedo
2007:  Brandon Rader, Jon Tanner, Nico Valencia, Matt Vedo, David Webb
2006:  Jon Tanner, Jon Tyler, Matt Vedo, David Webb
2005:  Logan LaGrande
2004:  Logan LaGrande, Jimmy Mojica, Brandon Ottenwalter, Adler West
2003:  Jimmy Mojica, David Perry, Adler West
2002:  David Perry
2001:  Mike Forster, Joey Mazak, Austin West
2000:  Austin West
1999: Matt Forster
1998: Luke Steidlmayer, Todd Winters, Jeff Harper
1997: Brad Alvarez, Brett Monroe, Luke Steidlmayer, Arturo Lucero, Jeff Harper
1996: Victor Espindola, Luke Steidlmayer, Dan Salazar
1995: Geoff Hulbert, Brett Monroe
1994: Dan O’Connell, Emit Whiting
1993: Dan O’Connell, Gil Walker
1989: Shane Goddard, Jayson Vossler, Joe Garofalo, Jim Tullis
1988: Jim Tullis
1987: Don Lyttle, Rich Bryant, Troy Welker
1986: Manny Balderaz, League MVP, Don Lyttle, Anaj Raj, Robert Rodriguez
1985: Manny Balderaz, Jim Vossler, Manny Dowden, Calvin Word
1984: Russell Gardner, Don Gonzales
1983: Frank Davison, Jose Silva
1982: Jeff Sahagon
1980: Ron Gross
1979: Bob Barsotti
1978: Howdy Morse
1977: Mike Jovich
1975: Mark Thoma
1973: Wayne Cates, Cord Geary